Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine

Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine

The upgraded design of the Yongbo Machinery Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine includes a bottom heating system to enhance the sealing effect of the paper cup. With 10 cup molds, this model operates at a faster speed than the previous 8 cup molds. The use of a steel plate ensures stable and smooth bottom paper feeding. In addition, two cooling fans are employed to accelerate the cooling process of the paper fan, resulting in better sealing of the cup fan.


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Product Description

This Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine adopts automatic oil lubrication system( oil circulation system is including oil motor,filter, copper pipe )which makes all gear moving parts working at high speed much more smoothly and greatly Improve the service life of spare parts。This machine Control panel with good quality switches.temperature controller and  speed converter.All the operation of machine can be finished easily by this panel

Yongbo Machinery Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine Parameter (Specification)


YB-W35 automatic paper bowl forming machine

Cup size

20-50oz(mould can be changed as the requirements of clients)

Raw materials

Single /Double PE coated paper

Paper weight




Power source

380V 50Hz

Total Power





2450 x 1300 x 1750mm;


Air pressure requirements

0.6Mpa, output :0.6 m3/minute

Machine should work with the air compressor

Yongbo Machinery Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine Feature

1.The Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine features an open cam type structure that provides high precision, a large output capacity, and a long service life.
2.The Paper Soup Bowl Making Machine uses a longitudinal gear drive system, which overcomes the weakness of chain drive jitter and instability, ensuring smooth and stable operation.
3.The entire machine is designed with a box-type structure, and its lubrication system utilizes spray lubrication to ensure smooth and fast operation.

Yongbo Machinery Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine Details

1.The Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine is equipped with an automatic oil lubrication system that includes an oil motor, filter, and copper pipe. This ensures that all the gear moving parts work smoothly at high speed, greatly improving the service life of the spare parts.
2.Yongbo Machinery has independently developed this Paper Soup Bowl Forming Machine that can produce various sizes of paper cups through a series of continuous processes. These processes include automatic paper feeding, anti-backing device (for accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, use of magic hand to convey paper fan, silicone oil lubrication, bottom punching, folding, preheating, knurling, and cup ejection. The machine has undergone comprehensive technical improvement resulting in improved stability.

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