Research and development background of paper cup machine


For many years, coffee, tea, ice cream and all other beverages have been stored in plastic cups and paper cups. The container lid is usually made of transparent, translucent plastic lid, which is disposable. Although it has a very personalized shape, there is a problem of environmental pollution. With the progress of modern civilization, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, there is a growing demand for the use of a container paper lid that can decompose naturally when discarded and reduce environmental pollution. However, the beverage paper cover can play the role of a cover only when it meets the following conditions. Condition is described with the existing model is expected to cover the same, is not only health but also should undertake waterproof processing, and has a flexible kept in opening or closing repeatedly not burst resilience, when close the lid, combine with the body of the container tightly, prevent the moving beverage to leak phenomenon, external will not scale occur due to temperature changes. However, due to the weak side wall of the existing paper cover, the lid cannot be firmly attached to the cup, so the lid is easy to separate from the cup. Moreover, the soft drink also leaks out of the outside, so it is not a simple thing to replace the plastic cover with the paper cover.

The function of paper cup forming machine and the characteristics of paper cover production and developed successfully. It is characterized by intelligent equipment and high production efficiency. It is the best equipment for producing paper soup bowl lid, convenient noodle bowl lid, coffee cup and other paper container lid. Every field has a disruptive innovation technology, just like we developed the high speed paper capping machine, the development of this equipment was based on two preconditions, one is the original design, the other is the technical conditions.
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