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Gear Box Paper Cup Machine

Gear Box Paper Cup Machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, which can automatically feed paper through multiple rows, paper anti-backing device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, transfer of mechanical paper tube, oil injection, bottoming, folding bottom, Pre-heating, knurling, unloading and other continuous processes can stably produce paper cups of various specifications. It is a paper cup equipment independently researched and improved by our company to improve the stability of the whole machine.

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Product Description

The Gear Box Paper Cup Machine is an advanced and fully automated device that can handle multiple rows of paper, complete with an anti-backing device that ensures accurate positioning during the production process. Equipped with ultrasonic welding, mechanical paper tube transfer, oil injection, bottoming, folding bottom, pre-heating, knurling, unloading and other continuous processes, this machine can produce high-quality paper cups in various sizes with precision and ease. Our company has independently developed and improved this equipment to ensure optimal performance and stability.

Technical Parameter:

Paper Cup Size

4ML-16oz    (Various    molds    can    be    replaced according to the actual capacity of the user.)

Paper used


Speed of making paper cups


Power Voltage

220V 50Hz or380V 50Hz

Total Power


Whole machine weight


Size ( L X W X H)



Machine Details:


1.Multiple paper feeding


Three times of paper feeding, multiple mediation, to avoid unevenness on both sides of the paper cup.


2.Photoelectric eye detection


The machine is equipped with both encoder and optical eye control, ensuring precise and accurate operation. To prevent waste, a fan-shaped piece is installed at the bottom of the cup. In case of any faults, the machine has a fault alarm system that triggers automatic shutdown.


3.Automatic fueling system



The machine automatically refuels the positions that need to be refueled through the copper pipe, saving



4.Slot wheel



The machine's interior is assembled with a tight connection using a sheave, which enhances stability and prevents loosening during operation.


Electrical configuration

Photoelectric 441 (Panasonic)


Frequency converter (Haipu)

Small relay (Chint)

Solid State Relay (Taiwan, Yangming)

AC contactor (Chint)

Air Switch


Drain the bottom



Previously, there was a tendency for the bottom paper to become creased when feeding it to the bottom. However, this machine is designed to feed the bottom paper directly to the bottom, eliminating the need for an additional step and avoiding the issue of creasing.


Below is a list of parts included in the delivery:

  • 1 copper head electric heating rod
  • 1 10-inch sliding wrench
  • 3 small springs
  • 1 main hot ring for heating and preheating 1
  • 2 heating pipes
  • 1 set of bearings 5204 and knurled wheel
  • 1 set of Allen wrenches
  • 1 set of external hexagon wrenches (8-10, 12-14, 17-19, 22-24)
  • 6 M18 foot screws
  • 1 oil bottle
  • 1 measuring pencil
  • 1 cross screwdriver
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 machine wrench
  • 1 roll of adhesive tape
  • Ring wrenches (12-14, 17-19) - 1 each
  • 1 pliers
  • 3 transparent skin aspirators
  • 8 socket head screws (6, 8, 10, and 12)
  • 12 flat pad nuts
  • 5 nuts and 10 nuts (12 pieces each)

The package also includes an instruction manual and a frequency converter manual.

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