Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine
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Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine

This Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Adopt stepless frequency conversion speed regulation (production speed can be easily adjusted), Photoelectric monitoring: automatic fault alarm and counting.
Design and manufacture molds according to customer's requirements, and can produce paper bowl jackets of various specifications and sizes by exchanging the molds, realizing one machine with multiple products.
Automatic paper feeding, gluing, automatic bonding, inner cup inhalation, seamless bonding between the coat and inner cup, and out of the bowl.


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Product Description

Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Introduction

The Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine is a newly designed machine that offers improved paper cup sealing performance with its added bottom heating system. This model also features 10 cup molds for faster operation compared to the previous version with only 8 molds. The steel plate is used to press the bottom paper, resulting in a more stable and smooth paper feeding process.

Additionally, this machine comes with two cooling fans that help to cool the paper fan more quickly, resulting in better cup sealing. Overall, the Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine offers high-quality performance and improved efficiency for paper cup production.

Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Parameter (Specification)


YB-W35 automatic paper bowl forming machine

Cup size

20-50oz(mould can be changed as the requirements of clients)

Raw materials

Single /Double PE coated paper

Paper weight




Power source

380V 50Hz

Total Power





2450 x 1300 x 1750mm;


Air pressure


0.6Mpa, output :0.6 m3/minute

Machine should work with the air compressor

Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Feature And Application

This Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Reliability:

The YB-W35 Intelligent Medium-Speed Paper Bowl Forming Machine offers high performance, efficiency, and quality. Its integral steel body and auto oil lubrication system ensure long-term normal and stable operation. This machine is also energy-efficient with its advanced high-precision open cam drive and gear drive, as well as its servo tracking bottom paper feeding system that effectively saves raw materials.

In addition to its technical features, this Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine is also humanizing with its man-machine interface PLC system that controls the long-term stable operation of the whole machine. This interface allows for easy operation and monitoring of the machine's performance, making it user-friendly and accessible to operators. Overall, the YB-W35 offers a high-quality and efficient solution for paper bowl production.

Yongbo Machinery Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine After-sale service:

Yongbo Machinery is committed to providing exceptional customer service for their Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine. After the equipment leaves the factory, the company provides professional technicians to install and debug the equipment to ensure that it produces high-quality products that meet customer satisfaction. Additionally, the machine comes with a one-year free warranty and lifetime technical support to ensure long-term reliability.

In terms of later service, Yongbo Machinery has set up a team of professional and technical personnel who travel throughout the country to visit customers regularly. They discuss any new problems that customers may be experiencing and work to solve them in a timely manner. Furthermore, the company cooperates with customers to formulate sales plans and ensure that they can purchase and use the machine with confidence and comfort. Overall, Yongbo Machinery is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales service and support to its customers.

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